Rip Van Winkle Type Patient ‘Awake’ After 23 Years

Rom Houben of Belgium, in a coma-like state since 1983
Rom Houben of Belgium, in a coma-like state since 1983

Patients that have had severe accidents and left in what is referred to as a “vegetative” state have long been written off as hopeless.  The medical experts hadn’t stepped up to the technology that is available today some 23 years ago.

So, another crash victim had been written off as a “vegetable” and it was his good fortune (and bad fortune) that he was able to be kept for 23 years by the strength and will of his family.

The patient, Rom Houben of Belgium, was in a car accident that left him in what they thought was a coma.  But, his mother, Fina,  was confident that he could hear her and he could be rescued from this state.

Doctors misdiagnosed Houben at the age of 20, and he has lived in a cage of his own skin for 23 years.  Could you imagine having an accident at 20 and just laying in a bed “locked” in your own body until you’re 43?

Today, after meeting a specialist three years ago, he is now able to use his toes to communicate with machines.  Read here about the remarkable discovery of his real condition and the faith that kept him going.

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