Hurricane Katrina Victims Win Big

ray nagin

Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans may be getting a new flood, but this time in dollars and cents.

According to a CNN report, a federal judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs stating that “the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ failure to maintain a shipping channel led to catastrophic flooding during Hurricane Katrina.”

Ray Nagin, who is and was mayor during the hurricane, is looking forward to this ruling making a huge difference in the lives of the former residents of the 9th ward.

He said he looks forward to it opening the “floodgates” to more money from the federal government into the pockets of those who lost everything.

Watch the report:

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina Victims Win Big”

  1. Just to let you know, plantiffs won in the neighborhood of $700,000 each, while one was even denied a claim.
    This show won’t be over until the Fat Lady of Justice Sings at the Appellate level.
    Please help us lobby the Obama Administration to work towards a Federal Settlement on this Proven Negligence, and move on without tying up probably Billions of Dollars in litigation due to the Governments Appeals of this solid ruling.

    I am hoping we can keep the Picture focused on this as a Defective Product Liability Case against the Corps of Engineers for gross negligence –and not a case Against the citizens of the city of New Orleans for seeking Just Compensation.
    This is not an Congressional Entitlement.
    This is a Federal Court Judgment.
    Thank you

  2. Actually the TOTAL was $700,000. Here’s the breakdown. “Duval found in favor of Anthony and Lucille Franz, who owned a home on St. Claude Avenue in the Lower 9th Ward, and awarded them $100,000 plus interest and court costs; Tanya Smith of Chalmette, awarding her $317,000 and interest and court costs; former Tulane University football player Kent Lattimore, who lost his St. Bernard trailer home, $134,665, interest and court costs; and his Lattimore and Associates real estate appraisal business, $168,033.25 with interest and court costs.”

  3. I think this is a real victory for victims of Katrina. I read that a US Army report estimated that there could be more than $500 billion in retribution payments over the next several years. I think that would be a nice start!

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