Wall Street Journal Needs ‘Butler’ to Clean Up New Mess

Judge Louis B. Butler, Jr.
Judge Louis B. Butler, Jr.

The Wall Street Journal is being called, of all things, racist.  No! Not the Wall Street Journal!  We know you’re all taken aback by that claim.  To be fair, the Journal is mostly known for sound journalism with intriguing, informative reports.

But then they thought they’d do a little play on words, like using former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis B. Butler Jr.’s name in an editorial about Obama’s newest appointee entitled “The White House Butler.”  Not smart.  Not the Journal.  Right?

Well, according to Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, a state senator, a former state Supreme Court justice and a Wisconsin lawyer are all pretty certain it’s a clear case of racism and are demanding an apology.  

Apparently, the whole thing started over the paper taking issue with President Obama for putting Mr. Butler on the federal bench because Wisconsin’s taxpayers didn’t vote for him in statewide elections … twice.

The paper denies any wrongdoing and feels that the play on Butler’s name should be understandable.  Hmmmmm, makes one think.  Maybe there is some racist connections there after all.   Who could misconstrue the use of “Butler” with an African American man’s name?   That brings me to that ol’ race joke …  What do you call an African American who used to be an American Supreme Court Justice?

Handle your business Wall Street Journal before Al Sharpton has to give you a call!

Read more of the details here.

5 thoughts on “Wall Street Journal Needs ‘Butler’ to Clean Up New Mess”

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