UCLA In Riot Mode Over Fee Hike


University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)  has just lost their mind.  They needed more money and the state is nearly bankrupt, so they looked to the students to fill in the blanks.  The Associated Press is reporting that the public institution’s board has approved a 32 percent hike in tuition and fees, raising the tuition and fees to over $10,000 per year.

The school has 229,000 students in the UCLA umbrella of its 10-campus system.  The hike is three times as much as it was just ten years ago.  As the board met to decide how they would deal with the financial crisis, mayhem was right outside the door.  Demonstrators had lined up the doors and chanted, played drums and waved their signs.

Police were armed with “beanbag-firing shotguns” and some of the staff and board members being scared for their life, stayed inside for several hours waiting for protesters to calm down.  The President, Mark Yudof, had to be escorted out by police, but protesters were on him like white on rice.

What is happening in all of the school structures throughout the U.S.?  Is everyone going to have to be home schooled?  It appears that education is becoming big business.  Read here to see how much UCLA is going to cost you or your child if you decide to go after 2010.

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