Aaron Hall … Dog Whisperer In A Hat? Yes! (Video)

Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall

We knew Aaron had a special way with the ladies, but he’s parlayed that talent into another industry.  He has tapped into his inner dog and has become a Dog Whisperer.

This side of him is totally foreign to all of his adoring fans who are probably completely confused by his choice of profession.  Groups like Guy are a classic and have earned their place in R&B history.

So, when they broke up, you thought they would do solo careers and keep it music for the rest of their lives.  But that would not be the end of the story for this lead singer.

It appears that he might even have a new show coming out that gives us a look into the life of the former R&B crooner doing what he NOW does best … train dogs.  It’s really amazing.

It seems that he really has a way with these dogs and he shares his secrets with the owners, so they can keep their pets in check.  Maybe he’s going to try and use this footage to land him a deal.  Why not?  His music career was just as big as Bobby Brown’s solo career and he got a show.  Coolio … Eddie Griffin … the Kardashian’s for Pete’s sake!

Go Aaron!  We ain’t mad at’cha! Check him out:

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