2-U-Neek Perform At Staples Center And In Tax Service Commercial (Photos/Video)


Well looky here. Check out who’s comin’ up. It’s none other than Ashley & Ashton, the funky fresh bro and sis twins/duo, out of Texas who go by the name of 2-U-Neek.

They’re Hollywood based now and nothing says you’ve arrived in Tinsel Town quite like performing the National Anthem at Staples Center before a Lakers game. And that’s exactly what they did on November. 12.

Who knows, maybe it was their performance that inspired Kobe and friends to go on and beat the crap out of the Phoenix Suns 121-102 and end their unbeaten winning streak.

Then, after their performance, they hung out courtside with Rev. Jesse Jackson in the expensive seats. Yep, like we said, 2-u-Neek is on the come up!

Check out the twins before the game getting their Staples Center tourist thingy on.


By the way, 2-U-Neek is also showing off their versatility; they recently wrote, recorded and starred in a commercial for a San Antonio tax prep outfit.

Check ’em out:

You can find out more about 2-U-Neek here.

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