McDonald’s Drive-Thru Rap Lands Teens in Court (Video)

mcdonald's drive thru rapper

A Utah McDonald’s was obviously not in the mood for a joke when four teens pulled up and tried to simulate the YouTube McDonald’s drive-thru rap.

The New York Daily News reported that the cashier or drive-thru attendant felt her “safety” was in jeopardy, so she called the police.

Spenser Dauwalder, 18, was told by the clerk that his rapping was holding up the line.  But, he says there was no line behind him.  They ended up leaving without getting anything, but the employee took down the license plate and issued it to theauthorities.  They didn’t play about the incident either because they issued a citation and made an innocent prank very real for the teenagers.

Dauwalder’s mother, Sharon Dauwalder, is ready to fight it and is preparing for court.  Read all the details of the case here.

Check out the McDonald’s rap they were trying to duplicate.  The McDonald’s employees were funnier than the rappers:

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