Gil Scott-Heron Is Back!

Gil Scott Heron

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nooooo it’s the Heron!  Gil Scott-Heron that is!  The man that had been long thought dead has arisen and is back with a new album that has only been whispered about as legend in smoky after hour joints for years.    He’s come out of the shadows to grace the stage and preach once again.

Gil Scott-Heron, in case you’re not familiar as you should be, set the stage for hip-hop.  The poetry and verse that he’s given us, like “The Revolution Won’t Be Televized”, gave Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five their Message.  Heron was one of the first to lay the truth on track and pave the way for the beginning of the rap game.

If you’re a true fan, you’ll be delighted to see this recent video of him.  At 60, it appears he’s doing better than ever.  Check him out here.

Here’s something to get you in the mood of the best MC to grace the mic:

-J.C. Brooks

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