Whoopi Has ‘Celebration’ on The View (Photos & Video)

k and g with whoopi and tshirt

The View stood up to celebrate with the Scorpion diva Whoopi Goldberg for her birthday on Friday the 13th, and invited the legendary Kool & The Gang.  Ok!

Everything was going along okay until the show opened and everyone was bouncing to the sound of one of the group’s biggest hits when lo’ and behold … NO JAMES “J.T.” TAYLOR! 

If you’re a true Kool & The Gang fan, this was a slap in the face.  It was like your mom and dad’s first time seeing the Temptations try to pull off a concert without Eddie Kendricks and David Ruffin.

The sound was still the same and the new guy’s voice and energy was similar to J.T., but J.T. is J.T!  This guy can’t hang wit’ ol’ Eddie Kaaang.  You need the real deal, especially when you’re listening to, arguably, their biggest song, CELEBRATION!

Check out the imposter:

Check out the real thang!

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