Critics Come Out When President Bows to Japan’s Emperor

obama bowing to japan's emperor

The Fox conservatives and other critics couldn’t wait to jump all over Obama when he visited Japan last week and bowed to their Emperor.

As my main man Ed Lover would say, “C’mon son!”  No one ever heard the phrase, “When in Rome…”  The man was simply being respectful to their government and their culture.

The political commentary/news shows were full of disdain for the President.  In regard to the President’s actions, conservative Bill Bennett told CNN during their “State of the Union” program, “It’s ugly. I don’t want to see it.”  He went on to say, “We don’t defer to emperors. We don’t defer to kings or emperors…”

They had the nerve to say the Dick Cheney gave the man a firm hand shake, but he failed to mention that Dick Cheney also shot his friend in the face.  Whatever!  Read more on the NON-issue here.

One thought on “Critics Come Out When President Bows to Japan’s Emperor”

  1. Didn’t Obama see “The Karate Kid”? You always look at the eyes, not the shoes. That is an insult to any Japanese person, but they are too kind to this community organizer to say anything.

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