Jokey Joke: Preacher Heals with His FARTS?

farting preacher

Okay, this rocks the top of the all-time craziness charts.  You have never and never want to again see this level of … I can’t even put it in a category it’s so nuts!  This preacher believes that he can actually heal people with his FARTS!  Listen to the people calling into his show.  They can’t believe that they’ve called him.  I know I’ve seen this guy before on BET in the middle of the night when they used to run those paid programs.  Do they still do that?  Anyway, check it out and please oh please, LET US  KNOW WHAT YOU THINK.  You will not believe this:

2 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Preacher Heals with His FARTS?”

  1. Those are just sopund effects. Somebody has put a series of those videos with different tele-evangelists, making them preach and fart at the same time. Now that is him screaming, and although funny, but not real.

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