Is the World Running Out of Oil?

oil rig

It appears that we are a bunch of big babies. We can’t take bad news, so they lie to us … according to a snitch or “current employee and former staffer” inside the International Energy Agency.

They stepped forward to fill us in on what has been going on with our oil and it appears that we are in trouble.

The source had their story reported in The Guardian, and they allege that we have been short changed on information about the real amount of oil that is left.

The government has been telling us there’s plenty of oil and this person is saying that there is a run-out date.  The U.S. government has even told us that we will be able to pump MORE oil than the year before and more each year afterwards.

Check out the figures he’s given in the report and go fuel up the Navigator.  There’s no telling’ how soon it will be before you won’t be able to complain about gas prices.

Can’t complain about something we don’t have … right?

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