Family of Pedophiles Terrorize Missouri Area (Video)

Burrell Edward Moler, Sr., 77
Burrell Edward Moler, Sr., 77

We need to first rally up a few gangs and make a visit to these animals’ homes…if they weren’t already in custody.

A father and his four sons victimized children under 12 by having them sleep with animals and forced marriages.

The father, Burrell Edward Moler, Sr., 77, and his four sons appeared in court yesterday each have been charged with child sex abuse crimes.  The family resides in Bates City, Mo., and one 26-year old woman came forth about her abuse telling authorities that she had buried glass jars around the property with details of her ordeal inside them.

For some reason, authorities are checking the property for bodies, yet no explanation had been given to the press regarding why.

The neighbors were interviewed and these are the back woods of Missouri, so you know what they are like.  Hunters…to be kind.  They are looking to get a piece of their action if they get out of jail.

One of the son’s neighbors even said that another neighbor said, “If he come back here, it ain’t gonna be nothin’ nice.  And these are plain ol’ country boys, they ain’t gonna deal with this.”  Check out the report:

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