Tyra Show Visted By ‘Tapeworm’ Dieters? (Video)

 tyra tapeworm show

Tyra Banks was not prepared for the “guests” she recently had on her show.  There were women who were willing to try anything to lose weight until they saw…the tapeworms.  The physician pulled a jar of them from under the table and explained that this is an actual tool that some women use to lose weight.  They would ingest them and that’s that.  The worm takes care of the rest.

At some point they would have to take the worms out of their body by using an antibiotic or other means.  The tapeworm the physician displayed was 15 feet long and Tyra took out her measuring tape to give an idea of what 15 feet looks like.  But, the parasites can grow up to 50 feet in length.  Check out the women who thought they would do anything to lose weight here:

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