Oprah Gets First Interview with Woman Mauled By Chimpanzee (Video)

oprah with charla nash

The interview with Charla Nash, the woman whose hands and face were torn off by a friend’s 200-lb. chimpanzee, has to be one of the most memorable for Oprah, if not, the most unforgettable experiences she will ever have.

The injuries that were sustained by Nash are unmistakably the harshest on any living human being today.  Medical professionals say that her survival from the attack is nothing less than a miracle.

When you see her,  you are immediately shocked by the extent of her injuries.  They grafted part of her leg to make a nose for her face that she still cannot breathe through.  She just found out that she would never see again, but did not know her eyes were even missing until a visiting eye doctor said to her, “It’s unfortunate that they had to remove your eyes.”  He  told her she would never see again.

Oprah was gracious enough to wipe something from the woman’s face as she spoke.  It looked like an attempt to make the woman more comfortable, but she didn’t seem to have any problem.  She can’t see herself and she has no problem revealing her face.  She only covers herself for the public.  In so many words, she said “Let the haters hate.  They’re going to have something to say regardless.

Check out the video:

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