Lou Dobbs Has Left the Building

Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs

Well, it’s official. The old boys network is breaking up.  The world has come to a concensus that their day has finally come.  Lou Dobbs has anchored and worked for CNN for 30 years.  His entire ideology has a parochial scope that honored the old boys traditions and think tank.  But, the problem with this picture is that those ideas are yesteryear and Mr. Dobbs audience has shrunk.  The Keith Olbermann’s and Rachel Madow’s of the world are now reshaping the face of political journalism.  They are giving liberal doctrines a solid platform for a change.

According to Richard Prince’s blog site, last night, the commentator announced on his show that he would be stepping down and pursuing his interests and/or activism from a more grassroots level.  He hasn’t taken any positions with any other networks either.  Latinos were angered by CNN’s choice to air “Latinos in America” along with Dobbs’ show because of his opinions on alleged undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.  Lesley Stahl of CBS’ 60 minutes also couldn’t confirm his allegations of undocumented immigrants flourishing in the U.S.  One of the most irresponsible and detrimental things you can do as a journalist is spread thought as fact.

Everyone give Mr. Dobbs a moment of silence as he grabs his hat.  Read more here to validate that this story is true.

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