Women’s Soccer Gets Ugly as Hockey (Video)

Elizabeth Lambert, #15, for University of New Mexico
Elizabeth Lambert, #15, for University of New Mexico

Brigham Young and University of New Mexico’s women’s soccer team squared off on the field and one of the players on UNM’s team, Elizabeth Lambert, was playing like she was born and raised in the ‘hood.  So, we’re going to call Ms. #15,  KickAss.  She was knockin’ folks out like she was in a hockey game.

The yank of the one girl’s hair makes you feel like you’re watching T-Bo all over again.  When you see her on the ground, you’ll see what we mean.  The next thing you want to say is, “You got knocked the f (beeeeeeeep) out!”

Check it out:

3 thoughts on “Women’s Soccer Gets Ugly as Hockey (Video)”

  1. While it’s easy to paint Liz as some brutal soccer psycho loose cannon hell-bent on wreaking havoc on all who cross her path, she deserves to be seen as a fierce competitor looking for an advantage. Is Elizabeth just a sweet little misunderstood darling whose performance was blown out of proportion? Absolutely not! She gave back exactly what she got from the other side. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame those ignorant dipsticks called officials! If you’re still looking for fodder, blame coach Kit Vela and her husband (who’s her assistant.)

    Before she hit one in the back, that girl elbowed Lambert in the chest. And if you look carefully, right before the hair pull, the other girl intentionally reached back – without turning around – and yanked Lambert’s shorts up at the front, clearly meant to inflict pain. That looked like a well practiced and calculated move, perhaps one that she’s been able to use effectively in the past without being seen.

    Incidentally, money can’t buy what Elizabeth Lambert’s done for women’s soccer. I’ve developed a whole new interest in it myself. In fact, if I ever have any kids, I’m going to pay their way to the Liz Lam Lobo Soccer Camp. You go girl. Carpe diem.

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