Gunman Kills Wife and Her Co-Workers At Drug Lab

Office Park Shooting

What fresh hell is this now??!!   The world seems to be upside down with everyone buckling under the pressure.  Is it really the recession or is everyone really believing 2012 is it?

This man, like many others this year, just walks in his wife’s job and starts blasting at everybody.   He kills his wife and another and injures another two, THEN kills himself.

These people who walk up, kill everyone THEN themselves are cowards!  Why didn’t he kill himself from the beginning then that would’ve saved everyone else from being injured.

The wife, Teresa Marie Beiser, 36, worked at the Legacy MetroLab outside Portland, Or.  The husband, Robert James Beiser, 39, showed up to her job and didn’t come with the usual, “I checked your phone, who is this?” Kind of stuff.

NO! He comes and blows up a shopping center and disrupts the lives of an entire community…probably over some bullllllllllll.  The devastation these cowardly animals inflict on our society seem to be causing a snowball effect.  This type of crimes is not letting up.  What gives?

Read more on the incident here.

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