Black Subway Train Driver Saves Drunk Woman on Tracks (Video)

Charice Lewis, 27, subway train driver that saved drunk rider.
Charice Lewis, subway train driver that saved drunk rider.

If it weren’t for the quick thinking of fellow passengers and subway train conductor, a drunk ass patron would’ve been history.

An unidentified woman fell on the tracks in Boston’s subway and couldn’t get up.  She had OBVIOUSLY been drinking for some time before the incident. She wavered around on the platform just before a train was arriving.

The woman was so unstable, oh forget it!  She was drunk off her ass and she took a step that wasn’t there and … ended up on the tracks.  The other riders immediately sprang to action waving at the train to stop.  The quick reaction of the train driver Charice Lewis, 27, to pull her emergency break resulted in the woman being unscathed with the exception of a minor injury to her knee.  Falling off a subway platform could’ve caused a lot more damage as well as a train rolling over her.

The other near miss was a electric track that she missed touching on her way back to the platform.  Ms. Lewis and another co-worker was congratulated by the governor and given an award by Boston transit officials.  Check out the video of this freaky incident:

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  1. why is it relevant that the driver was black? there is no reason for that in the headline.

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