94-Year Old War Hero Turned Down for Winter Fuel Subsidy

Bob McGowamn, 94, decorated war hero turned down for fuel subsidy.
Bob McGowan, 94, decorated war hero turned down for fuel subsidy.

The British government is probably considering back pedaling a decision to turn away a highly decorated 94-year old war veteran for winter fuel for his apartment now that he’s protested in the media.

Veteran Bob McGowan, was so serious that he has made it known to prime minister Gordon Brown that he can take all of the medals he has back and shove them where the sun don’t shine.

The government was trippin’ over the old man moving into his apartment one day later than the deadline for the fuel subsidy of 300 pounds (equivalent to approximately $500 U.S. dollars).

He now wants a formal apology from Brown and if he doesn’t get it he’s going to FedEx his medals to “10 Downing Street” (sorta like the White House, the Prime Minister’s offices).  He’s a spry old man who might be willing to get in the ring and whoop Brown’s ass for some more medals.  Give him his fuel!!!  This has been going on since 2007!  Sheesh!

While Mr. McGowan fights the power, read more on this travesty here.

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