Woman Fakes Breast Cancer Lands Jail Time

Trista Lathern, 24
Trista Lathern, 24

A Texas woman, Trista Lathern, 24, faked her cancer in a final and hopeful attempt to keep her husband of seven months.  The couple have two children ages 3 and 5.  She figured if she got breast implants it would help her keep her husband…but where would she get the money? You thinkin’ what she was thinkin’?

But, she just went too far.  She cut her hair to make it look like she was going through chemo and the community put on a fundraiser and raised $10,000.  So, soon as she got her money, she ran over to the plastic doctor and he thought it was mighty funny that she was getting a boob job for someone who had breast cancer, especially with him having her medical records and knowing that she tested negative for cancer.  The bells and whistles went off after that. 

Read the rest here  and don’t get any ideas from this crazy lady.

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