Dishin’ Dirt on Plies, LL Cool J, Arsenio Hall and more…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…


It’s official, Janet and Jermanine have gotten back together!  According to my peeps, the happy couple was seen leaving Laguardia airport Monday, hand in hand.  Okay, I used to think the whole Jan/ Jermaine thingy was a lil’ weird but after seeing them together a few times, the oddness became normal.  In fact, Jan made Jermaine’s “hot” factor go up.  Okay…that was a stretch, but you get the gist.


Speaking of old hook ups, the NY Daily News is reporting that Paula Abdul and Arsenio Hall are back in the saddle AGAIN.  According to the article, the alleged relationship started shortly after Paula got fired from American Idol.


Side Bar-For real, is Arsenio so hard up that he’s recycling old girlfriends and making them new again?  Don’t be actin’ like y’all ain’t know that Paula and Arsenio were once and item…back when Arsenio was hot.   I’m just sayin’…


Can I just say that I LOVE Plies??!  Not only do I “secretly” bump his CD in my car…with the windows up, no kids in the car…on the highway, but I just have to say that I like his style.  While performing at FAMU’s homecoming concert and he discovered an underaged girl in the audience.  Now y’all know, ain’t no kids got no business listening to Plies.  Long story short, Plies pulled the young lady up on stage and gave her $1000 cash…out of pocket…and told her mama to leave the venue and take the girl to an age appropriate show.   Plies loves the kids.  Nuff said…


The “haters” are on the rampage!  This time they are attackin’ my man LL Cool J!  The “Hollywood Street King” is reporting that LL is a coke head.   Personally, I don’t believe it but I just had to tell y’all about it .

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



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