First Black Miss England Forfeits Crown In Slugfest

Rachel Christie
Rachel Christie

In July, we reported on England’s first black Miss England.  Well it appears that Miss first black England, Rachel Christie, 21, done showed her ass in a nightclub in England.  What the heck does she think she’s doing?  The story seems to be that she was defending the honor of Tornado from Gladiators…her alleged boyfriend.

It wasn’t clear in the report if he was present or not, but she went to town on Miss Manchester, Sara Beverley Jones, 24, slugging her in the mouth.  So now, Miss England runner-up, Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge also known as Combat Barbie, will take over the crown from Christie.  Hodge will also be taking her place in the competition for Miss World in South Africa.

We have to let cooler heads prevail…especially when we’re holding titles that make a historic landmark.  Read more about the catastrophe here.

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