Woman Finds Out On Honeymoon She’s Allergic To Husband

woman allergic to hubby semen

This is a little baffling to the general population, but for the scientists that have been researching this thing, it’s old hat.

Julie and Mike Boyde live in Ambridge, Pennsylvania and Mike’s parents got them a room, as a gift, to a bed and breakfast for their wedding night.

Well, just like one of those KY jelly commercials, it was blast off time and all of a sudden Julie felt like she was sleeping with a dragon because she felt like her body was on fire and she was in excruciating pain.

All of this pain turned out to be a result of the couple having intercourse without a condom.

Turns out, she was having a bad reaction to her husband’s semen … she was allergic.  The doctors call this disorder human seminal plasma hypersensitivity.


According to the report, they’re in the process of making an inoculation for her.  Read here for more details.

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