Sharon Osbourne Attacks Susan Boyle (Video)

Susan Boyle hasn’t had her hair combed five minutes and in walks Sharon Osbourne of Ozzie Osbourne fame talking about how she the woman looks like a “slapped ass?!”

Now that’s just wrong.  I guess no one cracked back on her and let her know if it were not for her demented, vegetable-like husband, she would remain a nobody.

Check her out!  She probably knocked back a couple before her on-air interview with Opie and Anthony. Enjoy:

2 thoughts on “Sharon Osbourne Attacks Susan Boyle (Video)”

  1. Sharon, I can’t imagine being so demented that you’d enjoy attacking a defensless woman who suffered a lifetime of such abuse, but you really enjoyed that.
    Were you smashed or drugged up?
    No one could possibly be that miserable.

  2. Well, I don’t think anyone believes she married that husband of hers for his gorgeous looks. She’s one to talk. Now last time I heard, she had assault charges filed on her because someone insulted her husband.

    Now, you can’t be going around insulting other people if you can’t take no one insulting that decrepit husband of yours. Can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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