Report: Toni Braxton and Husband Separate – Was It That Kiss? (Photos)

Keri Lewis and Toni Braxton
Keri Lewis and Toni Braxton

All we can say is whaaat? is reporting that Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton and her husband, Keri Lewis, formerly of Mint Condition, have separated after eight years of marriage. The couple has two sons.

We have no idea what prompted the split, but we do know that Ms. Braxton, 43, had tongues waggin’ over the, er, “tonguing” that she and singer Trey Songz, 25, gave each other on stage in front the whole world including her husband at the recent Soul Train Awards. (See photo below.)
Seriously, inquiring minds definitely wanna know what that was all about.

So if either Braxton or Songz all of a sudden start sportin’ bruises and broken bones and stuff, we’ll at least have a good guess as to why.

toni_braxton&trey_songz(2009-kiss-at-soul-train-med)Whoa! Toni Braxton swappin’ spit & gettin’ her cougar on with Trey Songz

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  1. Perhaps a runner who, like me, strikes the ground with her forefoot instead of her heel, might risk more injuries on softer ground. After all, every time I push off on a soft surface, I twist my foot.

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