Dishin’ Dirt on Bob and Sheree Whitfield, Jay Z, Reggie Bush and more…

What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…


Legendary GOLD DIGGER…ehem…model, Stephanie Seymour done hit the JACKPOT FO-REAL!  For those of you who have been living under a rock, Stephanie filed for divorce from her BILLIONAIRE husband, Peter Brant after 14 years of marriage.  According to my sources, Stephanie has been awarded $270,000 per MONTH until the divorce is final.

Side Bar-Seeing that her hubby makes an estimated $1.55 million a month, that tight joker could have at least squeezed out $500K a month.  Goodness, don’t you just HATE a cheap mofo (HA)??


Speaking of a divorce in the making…word on the street is that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are moving in together.  They have BOTH put their homes on the market and are looking to purchase in the Hollywood Hills.

BTW, Kim is KILLIN'EM in that coat!!!
BTW, Kim is KILLIN'EM in that coat!!!

Side Bar-Kim girrrrrrl, (in my most “urban” voice) don’t be rushin’ into nuffin’ ‘cause you tryin’ to keep up wit’ da Odom’s.  Just in case, make sure the pre-nup is in YOUR favor.  Nuff said…


Sean Penn’s son will NOT be facing drug charges after all.  The other day I told y’all that the lil’ dude was arrested at his posh Malibu HS for an unknown reason.  Allegedly he was arrested because he was caught with some prescription pills that school officials believed were for illicit use but that wasn’t the case.  Apparently, the prescription pills were LEGIT…so they say.


Why did this chick have to file a restraining order against Mini Me??!!  According to Radar Online, this chick who used to date Verne Troyer says that the lil’ man is now stalking her.  Yvette Monet , a former beauty queen claims that after she broke it off with Troyer, he continued to call and send her text messages.  She also claims that he has threatened her with physical violence.

Yvette and Verne
Yvette and Verne

Side Bar-First of all Yvette, what kind of DESPERATE must you be to date MINI ME?!  That in itself is DEAD AZZ WRONG!  Second, who is afraid of Mini Me?  The dude is TWO FEET, EIGHT INCHES tall!  I have stilettos bigger than him.  You don’t need a restraining order, you need a SHRINK!  Nuff said…


Word on the street is that if you wanna see the Mo’Nique Show live and in person , you had better do it this season ‘cause she will be getting canned at the end of her contract.  I don’t know how true that is but I will say that if BET decides to drop her…I won’t be mad.  Mo is just a LIL’ too loud and uncouth for a talk show.  I love her comedy but her show sucks.


The Beanie/ Jay saga continues.  Pop that cap, take a listen and draw your own conclusions…

Part 2


My Facebook word for the day is NOBYTCHAZZNESS but it seems that former Atlanta Falcon and ex-husband of RHOA Sheree Whitfield, ain’t read my post yet.  Rumor has it that Bob Whitfield is running around telling folks that he has a sex tape with his ex-wife as if he is going to leak it on the internet.  I’m guessing that’s just what ugly guys do when they have low self esteem, no career and no friends.  Although Sheree is my next to LEAST favorite housewife (Kim is in first place), I would never want to see a sista humiliated like that.


Side Bar-Bob, please know that making a sex tape with your stay at home, under educated, no skill having spouse is NOT impressive.  She had to do it if she wanted her “allowance.”  Did you really think she was into you?  Be for real and quit acting like ain’t nobody told you that you weren’t hard to look at. Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



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  1. LOLOL, why’d you go there?!? And why am I being kilt by his protruding ‘Man-boobs’?

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