911 Operator Does Not Dispatch Car for Murder


Imagine you are a 911 operator.  Someone calls and they begin giving you their address, then there’s some static and a yell, “Help!”  Afterwards, the line goes dead.

Do you think that’s enough information to send a car out?  Well state police obviously does not.

According to the Associated Press, Rev. Edward Hinds, 61, made the call and the operator called him back to get more information.  When she did, the assailant told her there was no problem and the priest said “OH YES THERE IS!” and the line went dead.  The priest was stabbed some 32 times and there was never a car dispatched to the home.

State police  even say that the correct protocol was followed.  That makes absolutely no since.  I’m sorry, but since when does cries for help translate into a non-emergency?

The craziest part is that it appears that a janitor, Jose Feliciano, worked for St. Patrick Parish in Chatham, Morris County, Nj., for 17 years, and apparently got word that he would be losing his job.  The rest is history…no pun intended.

Read here for more bizarre details.

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