Man Stabs Self To Keep From Going to Work

man head down

How bad must you hate your job to actually stab yourself and call the police?  It’s understandable hating the job enough to call in sick, but call the police and say, “Hey! I was jumped by some skinheads or maybe they were Hispanic!

I’m not sure, they hit me from behind and stabbed me in the leg!”

According to Fox News, a Colorado man, Adam Siebers, 29, came clean to police and then they smacked him upside the head and took him to jail.

They were mad because they had brought so many reinforcements to defend this white boy.  (Surely he was white because they showed up immediately with K-9 unit and five, count ’em FIVE, police agencies.)

Read here for further details on his antics.  Maybe you’ll think it’s worth it too.

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