Hundreds of Travelers’ Luggage Found In Home

Luggage thief, Keith Wilson King, 61.
Luggage thief, Keith Wilson King, 61.

If you’re missing your luggage and you’ve been to Arizona recently, it’s possible there’s a couple of culprits in Phoenix that have your bag in their living room.

Keith Wilson King, 61, and Stacy Lynne Legg-King, 38, were found in their suburban Phoenix home with what police are reporting as nearly 1,000 pieces of luggage in the house, according to the Associated Press.

They declined interviews, so no one really knows if they grabbed all the luggage in one day or a week or it’s been going on for months.

No one is even sure how the two are related.  But police started investigating Mr. King, when they caught him lifting luggage at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport that was not his about three weeks ago.  After they released him, they began to watch him closely.

He did it again and they followed him home and into his treasure trove of miscellaneous luggage.

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