Serial Killer/Rapist Captured in Cleveland (Video)

Serial rapist/killer Anthony Sowell, 50, back in custody in Cleveland.
Serial rapist/killer Anthony Sowell, back in custody in Cleveland.

Cleveland was terrorized over the weekend by a psycho that raped and killed six women and left their bodies to rot in his house.

Anthony Sowell, 50, is a registered sex offender and he had already done 15 years in the penitentiary for raping a 21-year old girl and strangling her in his room in 1989.

But according to the Associated Press, he didn’t have to let anyone in the house unless there was reason for suspicion of a crime since he isn’t on probation.

The bodies are so badly decomposed authorities can’t tell whether they’ve been there months, weeks or even a year.

They were able to determine that five of the bodies were of women, but they were not able to determine race.

Sowell was said to be seen around asking for spare change and collecting metal to exchange it for money.

We are thankful that he’s behind bars again.  This time … KEEP HIM!

Read MORE about this crime, HERE.

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