Foreign Woman Stabs Self and Son Over Notes from School?

handcuffs 2

The nationality of the woman is not yet known, but she had better hurry up and get a translator.

The Bergen County, NJ, woman, 37-year old Elida Maroquinn, somehow misconstrued notes brought home from school regarding a “field trip and a progress report,” according to

In her mind, they somehow translated into someone taking her kids from her.  Well, if they weren’t, they most certainly are now.

Maroquinn has three children.  She stabbed her 8-year old son in the stomach and her 12-year old ran in to rescue him and the 2-year old by running all of them out of the apartment.

Her son’s gall bladder had to be removed, but he will be fine.  Maroquinn stabbed herself in the neck and chest, but her wounds were “superficial.”

She is also married, but her husband was not home at the time of the incident.

Read here for more details.

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