First Time Lotto Player HITS!

New York Lotto winner, Mi Hyun Moon
New York Lotto winner, Mi Hyun Moon

Step away from anything you can break because this is understandably one of the most annoying, frustrating, mind boggling stories you will read today.

The Lotto winner, Mi Hyun Moon, 40, is a former Queens, Ny., native and she was, get this, visiting from Pennsylvania when she noticed she needed change to catch the bus home.

She then stops in a deli to get change, but she had to buy something, so she buys the ticket and the rest is history.

Now think about it, how many times have you done this?  Maybe you didn’t buy a ticket, but maybe you did…and nothing!

Homegirl Moon is, count it, $5,000,000 dollars richer for her trouble.  Her never playing the game before just adds to the frustration.  Read more here if you can bear too.

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