White Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Dresses In Black Face for Halloween (Photos)


Folks have realllllllllllly been trying to push that race card as far as they can with President Obama being in office.

Now, the latest of many other race infractions is Whitney Isleib, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, who thought it would be funny if she showed up to a Halloween party in black face. Oh yeah, guess who she’s supposed to be? If you guessed Lil Wayne, you’re right.

Check her out with two unidentified black girls cheezin’ it up with her! Crazy right?

The information is sketchy on what exactly went down at the party.  But,  surely if the black girls weren’t on top of her beating her senseless, the night probably proceeded without incident.

Just so you know exactly what Whitney Isleib looks like in her own skin, evidence item number one:


We don’t know if Miss Whitney was trying to be Da Brat or what, but there was also a white guy that looks like he was  trying out a Dennis Rodman impression, we think.


Can we really get pissed when we have made such a mockery of ourselves by co-signing the madness by being all up in photos alongside these jackasses? We’re the joke and we embrace it.  Good grief! 🙁 Read more here.

36 thoughts on “White Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Dresses In Black Face for Halloween (Photos)”

  1. Why is anyone surprised? After all you are talking about Dall-azz, where the highest IQ’s hover around 75 from all that inbreeding both with humans and four-legged animals. To boot, this is old as so many yt folks have done this in the past 10 months. As far as the kneegrows, all of these uneducated ho’s will do anything to get their pictures in the papers. Wonder if the NFL is going to chastise them for this, because surely Jimmy Jones isn’t!

  2. Those two sistas are kicked out the race!! (Don’t look like they’ll miss it.)

  3. I’m a black guy. I dressed up in white face. should I be flogged?

    for real..I’m not offended by this. She was potraying a caricature. I’m not a caricature, or a coon, or whatever blackface symbolizes.

    If I am not, then I’m not disturbed.

  4. I’m black and I’m not offended at all. Seriously, she was dressing up as a person for Halloween, is it that big a deal. I wouldn’t be offended if she had gone as Obama, to be honest.

  5. To anyone who is offended by this, grow up. This is not about being racist, discriminating, or trying to offend a race. Remember this: Halloween is a day when just about everyone dresses up as someone/something else period.

    As a matter of fact here goes a definition for Halloween:
    Halloween (also spelled Hallowe’en) is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints, but is today largely a secular celebration.

    Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, carving jack-o’-lanterns, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films.

    (Notice the terms ‘wearing costumes and attending comstume parties)

    Here is their meaning of costumes:
    Halloween costumes are traditionally those of monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. They are said to be used to scare off demons. Costumes are also based on themes other than traditional horror, such as those of characters from television shows, movies, and other pop culture icons.

  6. With all of the atrocities that are going on in the black community, who cares if this woman dressed up as lil wayne, lil boosie, lil whomever.

    We got bigger concerns than this. Let’s stop focusing on what these white folks are saying and doing and start the focus on why so much gang violence is still going on in our community as well as the highest HIV rate, yet we make up only 12 percent of the US population. Those are things to get upset about, not what Becky dressed up as for HALLOWEEN!

  7. OMG…people are just crying wolf and next time it is an actual race issue , nobody is going to care because it’s thrown around so much. THIS IS A FREAKIN HALLOWEEN COSTUME AND THEY NEED TO GIVE THIS A BREAK. i hope the organization doesn’t suspend this poor girl because um…obviously her friends didn’t care and if a black girl dressed up as Brittney Spears would this be an issue

  8. Ummmm, ya’ll are crazy. Whitney is dressing up for Halloween-not being racist. See what Obama is donig to our country? Everyone is playing the race card–sad!

  9. C’mon people. I’m black, proud of it and I’m not offended. The fact that she’s being lil Wayne, you’d have to expect a certain level of baffoonery. So what people! Lighten up!

  10. I’m happy to see that the majority of the “offended” minority has spoken up on this!

    Now if Obama dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for Halloween, that might offend me as a white girl.

    Only if you didn’t share the pics of it. 😉

  11. She is from my hometown. I am black and I know for a fact she’s not racist at all.

  12. Give me a freakin’ break…it’s a costume party, right? Save the outrage for something that’s actually racist! And, yes, I’m black.

  13. Okay, really? Wasn’t there a movie out about two black guys dressing up as white women? Is this really even news?? Its HALLOWEEN!!!! It’s a holiday where people do goofy things and dress even goofier. As a black female, I’m not offended by this, its people having fun at a party. I do believe the character she was trying to be was Lil Wayne….

  14. This situation is not about RACISM. It’s about cultural ignorance and history. Everyone should be offended by ignorance. Please educate yourselves about the history of symbolic negative connotations before you write dumb comments.

  15. OMG!! People why are you all making such a big deal! It is was Halloween is not like she just did it out off the blue! aHHGG!! Now everyone is so freaking sensitive for little things like this.

  16. Don’t be ignorant people, black face has racist origins, it was invented to persecute black Americans, even today when white Americans don BF it is suspect! Is this cheerleader a racist because she used BF? NO! But she did partake in a historically racist practice. Whites in BF is is ALWAYS a bad idea.

  17. OMG!!! Not all acts are done out of “racism”. It’s not ok for a white person to portray a black person, but I’m sure you laughed at Eddie Murphy and whoever else portrayed a white person for entertainment right??? that’s ok, but not vice versa??? Also, she did not partake in any historically racist practice. I am not white, and My ancestors were persecuted as well, but does it mean I need to hold everyone else accountable for what they went through…um no. I’ve also seen many people dress up as indians for halloween…are they also partaking in a “historically racist practice?” the door has to swing both ways or how bout those who are offended learn to live in the Now and not the past…we are not in the same times as before and it’s time to move on and learn what is NOT racism and what is.

  18. You speak with an IGNORANT tongue lilladylou74, learn the true meaning of whites in BF, then you will understand what went wrong. Go to your local library on borrow the DVD ‘Birth of a Nation’.

    Racism STILL exists in America. You cannot just ‘wish it away’.

    Whites in BF is ALWAYS at best, SUSPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. then practice it both ways and stop assuming every white person is SUSPECT. I’m not ignorant your just defensive and need to learn the little things need to be let go. This cheerleader issue is a small thing and your turning it into something bigger than it is. I didn’t say racism didn’t exist, but I said too many people are focused on the past instead of moving on and assuming everyone that does something like this is racist. But if you feel better about yourself then you will be miserable nit picking at everyone who ties their shoe wrong.

  20. As usual you are wrong! You are insensitive to the pain of black face, but I excuse you, you are sheltered and know nothing of black history.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for defending black face.

  21. Hello hun, great site! I genuinely appreciate this blog post.. I was curious about this for a long time now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  22. PREJUDICE black people are amazing to me. I have black friends who have dressed up white and painted there faces white for Halloween. And surprisingly I took no offense.Hmmmmmmmmmmmm Is that beacause I am not prejudice? That is why it is called dressing up for Halloween folks! Wow! What a concept. maybe that is why the eloquent black girls in the photo took no offense. Because they have brains (AND ARE NOT PREJUDICED). You must be so insecure or disappointed to be black. You focus so much time on hating other races. Do you have nothing better to do with your time? Let me tell you the blacks who suffered the travesties in this country went through hell. Not you. So wake up. Your President is half black. Some of the most famous movie stars are black and admired greatly. And dont forget Michael Jackson was given more notoriety and love when he died by all (every color under the sun) from every corner of the earth. But also do not forget there are two sides of slavery. Blacks were sold by their own tribes in Africa. And to this day people in Africa enslave eachother and mame and kill eachother. No one is making them do this to eachother. So maybe you should focus your great hate their and stop all the craziness and fighting. Much too easy too sit in your comfort zone and throw stones. STOP THE PREJUDICE… starting with yourself!!!

  23. Jamie, stop trying to say that TODAY’S African-Americans are a different people as the slaves in America’s past, we are them, they are us, just as whites of today are the same people as in the days of slavery. What are YOU doing about the slave issue in Africa Jamie?

    Learn about the origins of ‘black face’ instead of defending it, that makes YOU look racist Jamie.

    Yes blacks sold blacks, but whites BOUGHT AND ABUSED, there’s a difference.

  24. Ashcan you are a joke. You do not know what it is to be a slave. You never suffered like the blacks who were enslved. And to the people who bought slaves, I hope they all rot in hell. Along with the people who sold their own blood into slavery. My family owned no slaves. and if they had it would have nothing to do with me. And if you can tell me that someone who sells their own family to suffer the brutalities of slavery is not as bad as the slave owners who bought them. Then you are seriously wired wrong.Those same African tribes were torturing and killing their own people,and still are. Would you sell your children? Regardless, all that I am saying is people seem to try to keep prejudice going because they have nothing better to do with their time. Your response to me is so ignorant. We all come from the same place. So quit being prejudiced. I believe African Americans are more prejudiced than any other races these days. And get this straight I AM NOT PREJUDICED It is time for people to be responsible for themselves. And by the way, what are you doing for Africa? People of all colors need to wake up and realize it is not a fight for color and race. But a fight between the wealthy and the poor. The government is our enemy. People need to fght for eachother and a better future.

  25. Jamie, YOU never owned a slave and I was NEVER a slave but YOU did BENEFIT from slavery as I DO suffer from the legacy of slavery, ‘white privilege’ is YOUR benefit, racism and discrimination STILL causes suffering to today’s black Americans, the playing field is STILL not level, blacks still have to work twice as hard to get half as far, yet YOU think that that imbalance is fair. A black man is president,(WHOOP TEE DOOO!) and paying the price, but you think that that marked the end of racism IN America…………WRONG! That was just ONE more battle won. Racism is still alive and well Jamie, but it is just more refined and stealthy.

    Again, SHAME ON YOU for defending the racist practice called black face.

  26. Why is it we’re STILL talking about this young lady’s attempt to have a good time by dressing up as a BLACK MAN whom she obviously idolizes. Defend Black Face? NO! But there is a HUGE difference between a person who is dressed up as a black character and one in Black Face. the Wayans’ dressed up as “White chicks” no one thought it wrong. Eddie Murphy was a Jewish man in a barbershop in Coming to America, no one thought it was wrong. there are SEVERAL more films and sit coms as well as variety shows that I could name, where OUR people outright make fun of Caucasians in White face. I am a Black Male, and I can CLEARLY distinguish between racism, which is THRIVING here in the suburbs of D.C> where I live, and this innocent dress up as a celebrity. Ashcan, you need to get off your Soapbox….

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