Are Police Officers the New Target? (Video)

four cops killed

Sunday morning the people of Washington state were awakened by yet another police involved slaying.

But the startling news came when the report did not involve the “usual suspects,” but the report of four police officers gunned down in a coffee shop.

Who knew that the mafia held a grudge in Washington?  Well, no one is saying that it is the mafia, but it does have their signature written on it doesn’t it?

So far it is being reported as a planned ambush.  Three of the police officers were Continue reading

The White House Dinner Crashers Are Trying to Bank the Fiasco

Dinner crashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, with President Obama.
Dinner crashers, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, with President Obama.

Well, the plot thickens with the Salahi couple that crashed the President’s first state dinner.  The two are desperately seeking their 15 minutes, but at what expense?

It has been reported that they are facing felony charges for their little “appearance.”  Now they are  asking for hundreds of thousands for interviews with the media.

According to the Associated Press, the Virginia couple’s lawyer, Paul Gardner, left a comment on their Facebook page that Continue reading

Dishin’ Dirt on Rihanna, Latrell Sprewell, Janet Jackson and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…


Rihanna has to be the luckiest no talent having chick in the WORLD!  This chick has just garnered $500K to perform at a New Year’s Eve party.  She doesn’t dance like Janet, she ain’t got vocals like J-Hud…but some joker is willing to pay her $500K to “perform” on New Year’s Eve.  Our girl Ri-Ri will be performing at Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi on New Year’s Eve.  This will be her first middle eastern concert. Continue reading

President Obama Set to Shame Banks On Foreclosures

obama goes after banks

The banks have gone too far in their quest to fleece America.  The banks are constantly charging fees and adding new ones everyday.  The foreclosure list is growing and their hasn’t been any leniency for credit card holders.  Any delinquency is not tolerated.  They are not offering clients even a little breathing room for all of those who have been hit by hard times and can’t pay some or all of their mortgage on time.

Well, President Obama has had enough and it’s time he got a little outspoken.  He’s been cool, but now he’s going to name names Continue reading

Susan Boyle Beats Even the Beatles in Chart Topping Success (Video)

Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent fame.
Susan Boyle of Britain's Got Talent fame.

Susan Boyle of Britain’s Got Talent, has not ceased to amaze.  She has really hit the world hard with the release of her new album.  She started the debut week with over 400,000 copies sold.  Continue reading

Jokey Joke: The Difference Between Bush and Obama (Photos)


For whatever reason, some political pundits and just plain ordinary citizens say there’s no difference between former president, George W. Bush and current prez, Barack Obama.

Well, we at EUR This N That did our research and queried to women who know these two men extremely well and asked them what the real deal is.

Their answers are below: Continue reading

Chris Brown To Tell All On Rihanna On GMA


Is Chris Brown ready to strike back at Rihanna? Well if online reports are to be believed, he most certainly is.

The Virginia bad boy is scheduled to appear on ABC’s  next week to promote his new CD and of course it’ll be a convenient time to talk to interviewer Robin Roberts about the not so nice things that Rihanna did to him to make him do what he did to her.

On the other hand, his scheduled appearance has pissed off gay rights activists and feminists. Continue reading

Did You See It? Beyonce Stage Dives into the Audience at London Concert!


You may not have heard about it, but Beyonce took a chance and jumped straight into the middle of the crowd the at her recent London concert for her “I Am…” world tour.

While performing her “Halo” song, which is the last performance of the90 minute show, she apparently morphed into her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and — out of nowhere — ran and stage dived into the crowd!

Luckily they caught her and everything was alright. Watch it here. She does the dive at about 0:20 seconds in: