Slumdog Millionaire Children At Risk of Losing Trust Funds (Video)


The Slumdog Millionaire children Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 11,  and Rubina Ali Qureshi, 10, have experienced some real life issues that rival those in the movie.

Even after starring in the film, their lives were not made any better.  The children had been in the news because they were getting beaten and the other almost sold (the father denies this).  But now it seems that they are not being sent to school. 

One of the stipulations of their trust states that they must attend school in order to get their money.  According to reports, they receive a monthly stipend of $120 . The children are going at 27 and 37 percent which is well under the 70 percent they need to be eligible for their money.

According to the report, Rubina still lives in filth while the little boy was moved to an apartment by the filmmakers. Interesting.  Check out the report:

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