Secretary’s Mistake Costs Pepsi $1.26 Billion


PepsiCo. lost big in court all because they simply did not show up.  But, they didn’t show because they didn’t know there was a lawsuit pending.

Two men, Charles Joyce and James Voigt won the judgment in September claiming they gave the company the idea in 1981 to sell bottled purified water.

The culprit:  Kathy Henry.  (Personally, I wouldn’t let them print my real name.  I would’ve been something like Sally Milltzwhatzacallit  because I would think she’d be embarrassed from looking like the worst secretary in the history of Earth.   PepsiCo. is in hot water because she was too busy preparing for a meeting to open it slowly and say, “Hey! Hey! Heeeeeeyyyyyy!  You are being sued for billions of dollars!”  Can you imagine how long they would have to dock her pay to recoup and restructure?  And the worst part of it all is, she’s been with the company for 20 years.

But fortunately for her,  it appears that PepsiCo. is trying to get the judge to change the decision and grant an appeal on the basis of “excusable neglect.”

Read here and see how this would NOT have played itself out if Shanqiuea Jankins would have done the same thing.

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