Baltimore Man Gets 40 Years for Attack

black man handcuffs

It has not been determined what this man was upset about, but he threw his young life down the drain to prove a point.

And while he thought he was going to get away with terrorizing his estranged girlfriend’s family, the Baltimore judge who sentenced him was planning to throw the book-shelf at him in an effort to prove a point as well.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the young man, Gregory S. Imes, Jr. , 27, had an estranged  girlfriend who obviously didn’t want to be bothered with him.

In some sort of mad dog rage, he broke out a glass patio door and attacked his girlfriend’s mother and the mother’s fiancee’.  The mother’s fiance’, Reginald Cruddup, sustained injuries to the face, chest, and neck during the attack.  He also attacked the mother in the bathroom, but then returned to attack Cruddup again.

The attack was so severe that the state’s attorney asked that the judge “exceed” the 15-50 year sentence mandated to the crime which resulted in a 40-year sentence for Imes.

Read here to see just how cuh-razy this fool is … for no reason.

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