Possibly 20 Assailants Rape 15-Year Old Outside School Dance

Richmond High School rape crime scene
Richmond High School rape crime scene

What kind of animals, whether involved or not, stand around while a 15-year old girl is raped repeatedly for two and a half hours.  The young woman’s identity hasn’t been given, but she was flown to shock trauma and listed in critical but stable condition.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the incident took place Saturday in Richmond, Ca., at Richmond High School’s Homecoming dance.  One of the males that stands accused is a former student of the school, Manuel Ortega, 19.  He was arrested not too long after he left the scene of the crime and faces “charges of rape, robbery and kidnapping,” police said.

The girl had been invited to a secluded area by what police think is someone she knew.  She began drinking with several young men and once she was drunk they began to attack her.

Two disturbing details given could’ve  saved the young woman’s life.  The first being that the dance was patrolled by four Richmond police officers and two campus security guards called “site supervisors.”  But, the site supervisors were sent home early, so the school could avoid paying overtime.  Thirty minutes after they left, where they would’ve been patrolling the grounds around the school, she was attacked.  The other is that there was a surveillance camera just above the area where she was raped, but it was NOT running.

Certainly the main responsibility goes to the people who knew the assault was taking place and did not call for help.  That is the most despicable element of the incident.  The human spirit appears to be dead …  at least in Richmond, California’s youth.

Read more here and see the disturbing video report on the incident.

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  1. I used to live in Richmond and I believe the human spirit is dead there, that’s one of the reasons I had to move from that city. I am very sad that these things are happening in any community. It breaks my heart that it happened in a community that I was once a part of.

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