Autistic Mute Child Now Artistic Adult Genius (Video)

mute artist stephen wiltshire

Have you ever seen something so beautiful you thought for a moment you might be able to draw it?  Make that you might want to draw it?

Well, Stephen Wiltshire walked through fire and was granted several miracles to make that happen.  On the Early Morning Show, it was reported that he would not speak and was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of three.

He began to communicate through his drawings after he started receiving an education at Queensmill School in London.  He had a special-needs teachers, that after working with him,  got him to speak.

Now, he is a fully functional adult making himself well known through his art.  His art is extraordinary because he can take a glimpse of a city or anything and somehow he’s able to draw it flawlessly.

The entire landscape in complete detail down to the right number of windows and doors on a building.  The man is exceptional in every way.  He’s drawn some of the most impressive landscapes the world has to offer including:  Tokyo, Rome, Hong Kong, Madrid, Dubai, and Jerusalem to name a few.

Now, Wiltshire prepares to take on the Big Apple and he says that everything else was practice for this moment.  New York City is most exciting for him.

Watch here and be mesmerized:

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