Flu Shot Cripples Promising Professional Cheerleader (Video)

cheerleader flu shot

This has got to be one of the most heartbreaking things you will ever see.  This woman had an opportunity to be a professional cheerleader with an NFL team until she got a flu shot.

Now all chances of her being an athlete of any kind are dashed because of a major neurological disorder.  But, funny enough, the woman is able to run and she can talk without stammering while she’s running.

She also can only walk backwards.  It sounds crazy, that’s why you have to check it out for yourself:

4 thoughts on “Flu Shot Cripples Promising Professional Cheerleader (Video)”

  1. Wow that’s sad.
    No flu shots for us.
    But docs keep scaring me. Because my son is “asthmatic.”
    fear is a hell of a motivator.
    All you can do is pray and listen.

  2. Some people are being extra rude about this woman claiming she’s a fake, or it being psychosamatic. I see this woman being real. Who would want to up and get publicity? She aint going to get anything in return for it. She has no future as cheerleader anymore due to dystonia. And I know things aint as rare as doctors and scientists want to claim. To many things dont get diagnosed for many years if at all. I know people like desiree.. she isnt the first to have a problem with any of the shots. My son who has seizures is expected by a big organization to have this special shot the h1n1 shot. They say this dystonia causes sezuires so Im thinking if they take him because of his very rare seizure episodes then stick the needle in it’s going to kill him. If someone her age and she looked healthy to me before all this. What is that saying about a not quite 2 yr old child??? He was born from me and I have neurological problems myself.

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