Verizon Ready to Deal with iPhone

iphone and verizon

Verizon has been a little catty with their envy over the iPhone. They say they’ve always wanted to be a part of the Apple phenom, but the ball is in Apple’s court.

And that being said, according to, VerizonCommunications CEO Ivan Seidenberg said Monday, “We would obviously be interested at any point if they thought of us as a partner.”

Well, no one said anything about being partners.  Surely, Apple wants them as a client, not a partner.  So, as Shakespeare would say, surely “therein lies the rub.”  Apple has other wireless carriers gaining customers at an alarming rate with the iPhone.

AT&T just boasted 2 million new customers in their third quarter and Verizon 1.2 million.  AT&T reported 40 percent of its 3.2 million new activations were with iPhones.

Surely Verizon isn’t trying to keep missing the boat. Verizon wireless can boast that they have low turnover rates because most of their customers are pleased with the service.  But others may be sticking around in hopes that they are going to sooner than later get the iPhone on its network.  Let’s hope they come to some kind of resolution soon.  I have new every two.

Read more details on both companies updates here.

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