Students Receive Jim Crow Treatment at Chicago Night Club

club flick

The students of Washington University are pissed because six of the black students in their group of more than 200 students were given the “business” at the door of a popular Chicago spot,  “Original Mother’s,” during their senior trip.

The students were not aware of what was happening, but they watched nearly 200 of their classmates … oops! I mean WHITE classmates be ushered inside.

They had no difference in appearance than their white counterparts, outside of being black that is.

So, now, according to CNN, they are asking for a formal letter of apology from the nightclub and have sent complaint letters  to the “Chicago Human Rights Commission, the Illinois Attorney General, the U.S. Department of Justice and other organizations.”

The students, a black and a white, went and changed into each other’s pants to see if the dress code regarding saggy pants was being enforced.

Sure enough …  well, check out more on the incident here.

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