Media Fight During Balloon Boy Story (Video)

man fights media henne

No one is sure what happened here, but they do know that … people are crazy!  First of all, the Henne family’s attempt to fool America with the whole boy floating in a balloon trick is nuts in itself.

But then now, you take the people who believed them or at least wanted to believe them … the media.  These wackos got to scrappin’ while trying to cover the story on the boy.  But, that wasn’t televised and made public. 

Some man just walked up out of nowhere and jumped on a cameraman and another unidentified man jumps on him.  It is crazy.

The whole incident could’ve been avoided had they been focused on doing real investigative reporting to see that a jiffy popcorn looking balloon couldn’t hold this boy.

Also, on a side note, who the heck is John Bowman and what exactly is going on with his hair? :

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