Tyler Perry Signs Off Until Next Year

Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry has been working extremely hard to build his empire and he’s doing something that workaholics NEVER do…take time off.

He’s not only taking time off, but he’s going to lay back and relax until 2011.  The last thing he has committed himself to is “Precious.”

The movie executive produced by himself and Oprah Winfrey that will release on November 1.

The writer/director/actor has spoken of his traumatic upbringing in various interviews in the past, but his upcoming 60 Minutes interview with Byron Pitts, he reveals in his latest open letter, started him thinking about his “entire life.”

The 60 Minutes interview will air after the football game this Sunday, October 25, and he’ll talk about how he felt disrespected by Spike Lee and is “pissed off.”

Read his latest message to the public.

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