Drunk Man Falls and Can’t Get Up, But It’s Not Funny (Video)

drunk man

This video almost became a jokey joke until one man recognized the gentleman in the video as a friend and wrote an eloquent letter that described more thoughtfully what you are about to see.

The video of the man in the store has even had a remix made for it.  But once you read this man’s words here, you won't find it amusing at all.

Once you finish reading his letter.  Read his addendum.  This story started out a totally different, demeaning vehicle of jokes, but we will be responsible enough to honor this man’s request and have you read this letter before viewing the video, so that you too can help him thwart all the videos being put up of this incident.

And if people won’t remove the videos, AT LEAST they will know him and have to make that choice.  Read the letter here.

Check out the videos of the incident:

Someone’s idea of a “remix” of the original video:

The original uneditedvideo from surveillance camera:

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