DC Sniper’s Ex-Wife Breaks Her Silence

John Allen Muhammad
John Allen Muhammad

As John Allen Muhammad, also known as the DC  Sniper, prepares to walk the “mile” next month, his ex-wife Mildred Muhammad spoke with the Tom Joyner show and Jacquie Reid about her ordeal being the wife of a sociopath.

Ms. Muhammad has written a book called “Scared Silent” that hit stores October 13.  Some of the proceeds from her book will be donated to her organization, After the Trauma, for other victims and survivors of domestic violence.


According to Ms. Muhammad, who now speaks nationally on domestic violence issues, Mr. Muhammad had not been properly debriefed when he returned from the Gulf war.

He said once, that he “could take a small city, terrorize it, they would think it would be a group of people and it would only be me.”  Ms. Muhammad was in hiding because he let her know that he was going to kill her.

He kidnapped their children and took them to Antigua for 18 months.  They had been embroiled in domestic violence issues that gravitated to a custody battle which resulted in the threats.

She also shared that the whole thing happened because he was trying to deflect from the fact that he killed her friend’s niece when he sent his apprentice/accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo to look for her at her friend’s house.

But,  the woman didn’t answer the door, her niece did and he killed her.  Since all of this occurred, he hasn’t been able to see his children and Ms. Muhammad has been remarried for two years.

Listen to the Tom Joyner show interview here.

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