The FBI’s Newest Member of Its Most Wanted List (Video)

fbi most wanted

The  FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted List just had a few openings come up and the character they are fitting in one of the slots is some sub-human killing machine.  He is a gang member by the name of Joe Saenz, but he has numerous aliases.  They believe that he really enjoys the thrill of the kill so much that some of his own gang members are afraid of him.

Saenz has been on the run since 1998.  He’s been known for his executioner style killings and even raped, kidnapped, and murdered his child’s mother for fear that she would give him up to the police.  But the worst part of it, is that he did it in his grandmother’s home.

Check out the CNN report on this baby-faced Mexican that you want to steer clear of by any means necessary:

Embedded video from CNN Video





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