Mobster Brings All of His Bones Out the Closet In Court

gay mafia

Well, whoever mob hit man Robert Mormando was after, they are probably feeling really silly right now.

I’m sure they envision him running after them whirring like a siren on top of a car swinging a pistol on his finger since he came out of the closet during court on Monday.

The judge was obviously in shock after watching Mormando renounce the mob before announcing he was gay.  The judge was supposed to give him nearly 20 years and was too flabbergasted to give him anything.

Mormando is on trial for a hit he carried out for Vincent Gotti.  A thwarted hit on top of that.  Gotti and the rest of the families are probably getting a good giggle out of this one while they look for him.

Read more of the peculiar details of this case here.

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