Mrs. Richard Pryor Blasts Mike Epps’ ‘Punkass’ (Video)

Jennifer and Richard Pryor
Jennifer and Richard Pryor

The media seems to be startin’ somethin’ when it comes to the latest news of Marlon Wayans getting the role in the Richard Pryor biopic.  According to Black Voices, Mrs Pryor is a little peeved with Mike Epps.


The following quote was posted online by Richard Pryor’s wife Jennifer.   Apparently, Mike Epps did something to her:

“Poor B*tch…..

He got his ass so fired from me and Richard Pryor project and now he is trying to go around talking sh*t, saying he’s doing the Richard Pryor project … motherf*cker better watch his punk, country ass  … it’s gonna get royally sued if he wants to play this game! My lawyers are ready and waiting!!!

He said at Richard’s funeral: “I don’t know Richard…”

That was the only honest moment and thing that came out of this punkass’ mouth … he doesn’t have a clue who Richard is or was, never will….

Richard didn’t like you … you knew it too. I tried to make you feel better … “oh yeah, he likes you Mike” but he couldn’t stand your fake ass…your step and fetch it, higher than a kite, insincere sh*t you’d come up with… “

Wheewwww!!! She is on fire!  Read the rest here.

Meanwhile, a blogging site,, took a shot at getting Mike Epps’ reaction to the casting of Marlon Wayans in the Richard Pryor role.  They weren’t that successful, but here’s what they got from him:

8 thoughts on “Mrs. Richard Pryor Blasts Mike Epps’ ‘Punkass’ (Video)”

  1. Richard Pryor’s golddigg’n leech sure has a dirty mouth. Let her step to me talking like that. She’d be a died golddigg’n white leech.

  2. Is she attempting to imitate the worst that black people can be? I hope Epps is preparing a scathing response for her–sometimes the “high road” has to be traveled by somebody else. Her language and the limited scope of her ideas deserve to be shown for what they are. Sounds like Pryor made her what she is which isn’t much. White Jenny sounds like another of his terrible, self destructive choices that mars his legacy at the very least. She sounds like nothing more than what Epps is reported to have said about her, and less. She needs to be shown her place. Richard isn’t here to protect her anymore and when his fans think of him, do they think of her, or try hard not to? (Yes, when I think of Denzel, I often do think of the gracious Pauletta.) Speaking of Richard, knowing what little about him I do, as I was a child in his hey-day, is there any doubt that he called her all kinds of white b*tches and worse in their time? Whatever Epps can come up with will be mild by comparison—since Jenny considers him less of a comic than Richard. James Brown’s white widow made a fool of herself in public after his death and white Jenny is following suit. You go girls! Show your true color.

  3. Mike Epps would have been great in this role. He is hilarious. His stand up is the shit. You need to check out his DVD Under Rated…Never Faded and X-Rated. It had me laughing the whole time. Here are a few clips…

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